Welcome to Maniaci Law Professional Corp.

Maniaci Law Firm is located in Woodbridge, Ontario. Anthony Maniaci, a lawyer who specializes in Real Estate and in Commercial and Corporate Law. He also deals with legal issues involving Wills and Estates. Maniaci Law Offices promise you services geared towards your specific needs.
The first priority at Maniaci Law Firm is to ensure that clients are satisfied with the services they have been offered. We are known for taking our time and analyzing our client’s case extensively before determining the best strategy. We always find the best legal position that delivers a solution in favour of the client.

Additionally, we are known to work directly with our clients through consultation in order to find the real issues. This means that throughout your case, everything is first-hand knowledge to you. That way if there are issues with the way your case is being presented, you can deal directly with your lawyer instead of going through many secretaries and assistants. We create an environment where the client feels as though their lawyer cares about the outcome of their case, and not merely financial gain.

We are ranked among the most reputable and sought after lawyers in the city. We are a firm known to answer any questions clients have in a setting that is comfortable and convenient to their clients. This creates a comfortable atmosphere between client and lawyer.